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Power Scooters

Power scooters are the ideal choice for those that want to maintain an active, fun lifestyle, without worrying about how they’ll get around.  At HeartWay®, we specialize in designing and manufacturing highly durable and incredible easy to use power scooters.  Our high performance scooters can be used just about anywhere, including in theme parks, zoos, outdoor festivals and even at the mall, helping you to get anywhere you need to be.

Thanks to the variety of sizes and styles available, there is a power scooter for everyone that wants to get out and enjoy life without letting limited mobility get in their way.  HeartWay® offers more rugged options, including mobility power scooters that have all terrain tires and incredible suspension, mid-level scooters, and even lightweight, travel options for the ultimate in portability.  No matter what you are looking for with power, convenience and reliability, HeartWay® power scooters are the smart choice for dependable service.

Our available choices include Medicare-approved coded medical mobility scooters that are designed to be safe and powerful for everyday use.  Important details, including the cushioned captain’s seat in our heavy duty models and lightweight wheels for higher driving speeds in our mid-level scooters makes HeartWay® a great choice in scooter brands, no matter what type of power scooter you are looking for.

When you need a versatile choice in power scooters, check out our S19 Passport Folding Scooter.  This lightweight, highly portable option weighs less than 60 lbs. so that you can get out and have fun quickly and easily.  Fully powered on a lightweight lithium battery, this is one travel scooter that will never get in the way.  Like to get out on the road?  Choose the Vita Monster S12X scooter for the ultimate in scooter luxury!  This comfortable road warrior includes heavy duty all terrain tires and luxury features that the other brands simply can’t complete with.

No matter what your scooter needs are, HeartWay® has everything you need to get out and have fun.  Whether you want to get out to your local park for the day, or simply want something portable to take with you on vacations, our large selection of high quality scooters is the perfect place to start.  Check out our latest models today.


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POV (Power Operated Vehicle) Scooters

Power Scooter - VITA SPORT - S12S

Vita Sport - S12S - Sport Edition

Vita - S12



Portable Scooters

Zen - S11

Zen S11

Zen S11

Passport - S19

Power Scooter - PASSPORT S19

Passport S19

Passport XL- S20



Mid-Size Scooters

Power Scooter - VITA mini - S16

VITA mini - S16