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Custom & Rehab Seating

When it comes to custom comfort features and rehab scooters, HeartWay® has the ideal motorized wheelchair for even the most complex mobility needs.  We offer a variety of styles and options for advanced power wheelchair seating that includes the popular style tilt ‘n space, rehabilitation equipment and power wheelchairs, specialty seating and positioning options, and wheelchairs designed with internal pressure relieving systems.  No matter what type of specialty wheelchair you need, let HeartWay® show you the best options for your situation.  Our custom and rehab seating choices include additional features, such as easy to disassemble designs, longer lasting batteries and extra cushioning for the best possible fit and positioning.

With special features like custom seating and specialty pressure relieving functionality included for maximum comfort, our custom and rehab wheelchairs offer an optimized comfort experience by providing just the right level of support and functionality for the user.  By utilizing a custom seat design that increases comfort, you can rest assured that you are always seated in the best possible way for your health, comfort and safety.

For those that need more than what is included in a traditional power wheelchair or scooter design, our custom and rehab seating options could be just the solution you’ve been looking for.  Each wheelchair is made with high quality materials and is designed to be highly durable in order to stand up to every day use.  By combining smart design with thoughtful features and a comfortable style, HeartWay® custom seating and rehab wheelchair options offer the best choice for your health and well being.

See for yourself what makes HeartWay® the leading choice in custom and rehab wheelchairs.  Check our large selection below or contact the HeartWay® team for assistance with selecting the right wheelchair for your needs.