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Is the item covered by my insurance or Medicaid / Medicare?

Many of Heartway products are medicare coded, please contact one of our DME providers and they will be help to assist you with any questions about coverage or reimbursement. If you wish to submit reimbursement cliam to your insurance , we certainly can provide you with a commercial invoice for your purchase.

What is included under the (limited) lifetime warranty?
Please visit our website Warranty Policy for details.

As the manufacturer & distributor, most warranty claims are serviced through our provider network.
If your original provider is out of business or has moved, then you may take the item to your nearest local provider for assistance. You may find a list of providers. Click Here.

What is the warranty on batteries for a powered mobility product and how long should they last?
Batteries on power mobility are covered under warranty for twelve (12) months from the date of purchase. Battery life is dependent on temperature, weight of the user, amount of daily use and how well the batteries have been maintained. Depending on conditions, batteries can last as little as six (6) months and sometimes up to three (3) years.