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Power Wheelchair

At HeartWay®, we understand that for many individuals, a power wheelchair is their main source of freedom.  The first consideration when choosing a power wheelchair should be where the chair will be used the most.  Some power wheelchairs are designed to be used primarily indoors, while others are designed for use in outdoor settings only or for both indoor and outdoor settings.

You should also consider whether you need something that is easy to transport into and out of a car, or if you need something heavier.  HeartWay® offers a variety of power wheel chair solutions, including everything from super lightweight designs, made for easily portability, to heavy duty models that are perfect for outdoor use.  By offering a wide variety of choices, we make it easy to find the perfect power wheelchair for your needs.

When you choose from our large selection of high quality power wheelchairs, you never have to leave your mobility to chance.  Offering the best in innovative design, high quality manufacturing and the features you want the most, HeartWay® power wheelchairs include a large variety of styles of both compact and portable power wheelchairs, standard power chairs, folding power wheelchairs, specialty wheelchairs and more rugged heavy duty models.

HeartWay® power wheelchairs are some of the most comfortable and easy to use wheelchairs on the market today.  By combining high quality materials with smart features, we aim to provide power wheelchairs that offer the freedom and mobility you’ve been looking for.

Whether your goal is to find something that is designed for easy travel, or if you want a more powerful wheelchair for getting out and about in your neighborhood or around town, HeartWay® has a variety of options that can work for you.  We sell power wheelchairs that are designed with unique features and that offer useful functionality, making it easy to accommodate a power wheel chair into everyday life.  Key features, such as easy to disassemble models for travel chairs and harness-free battery boxes, make HeartWay® power wheelchairs different from a standard wheel chair.  Our chairs are easy to operate, making it easy to start increasing your mobility and your freedom today.  Check out our large selection today.


Compact & Portable Wheelchairs 

P19 (Passport P)
PASSPORT T - S19T Folding Attendant Power ChairS19T PASSPORT T Folding Attendant Power Chair

Standard Power Wheelchairs (300 Lbs. Weight Capacity)

Power chair - RUMBA-SR-P4FRumba SF - P4F Power chair - RUMBA-SR-P4R
Rumba SR - P4R

Foldable Power Wheelchairs (300 Lbs. Weight Capacity)

Mid-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs

Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs

  • 450 lbs. weight capacity
  • All Terrain Turf Tires,
  • LED Lighting Pak
  • 500 lbs. weight capacity
  • 22″, 25″ wide caption seat

Power chair - VITAC-P16C
Vital C - P16C

  • 500 lbs. weight capacity
  • Large Wheel 16″, Top Speed 8 mph
  • LED Lighting Pak

Power chair - CHALLENGER-CL-P20CL
Challenger CL - P20CL

Special Functions (Elevating Seat) Power Wheelchairs

  • Power Seat Elevator
  • Rehab Seating
  • Power Seat Elevator
  • Power Tilt n Space
  • Power Elevating Legrest
  • R-Net LCD Control Panel

Pediatric Power Wheelchairs