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Groovy Music Festival

Morgan House Charity Event

On Saturday August 11, we loaded our Bien S15, Vita Lite S17, and our Vita S12S into a truck and brought them to downtown Fort Myers for The Morgan House Restaurants Charity Event. We thought that this would be a great opportunity to give back to the community, answer some questions about our products and do some product testing our selves. We arrived at around 6 PM, unloaded the scooters and hit the road. From the start we were getting an incredible amount of feed back. We were getting stopped by every other person just to see what it was we were driving. It was a great time connecting with the public and hearing their thoughts on our New line of scooters. Once the event started we drove up to donate our canned foods and enjoy the Live music, food and drinks. We took pictures with the Morgan House staff and continued driving around the down town area. As it reached 10:30 we headed back to the truck with no worries about battery life. We found out that driving around continuously for four and a half hours did not even put a dent in the battery life of the scooters. We were also able to talk to local law enforcement officers about these products and came to a clear conclusion that our scooters are legally able to be driven on the sidewalks. After being able to drive these amazing vehicles around for so long we definitely got to learn a lot more about our products and am now an even bigger advocate for these new age electric Scooters.