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Power Scooters

Portable Scooters

Pixi - S34

S34 Pixi power scooter is strong and compact, and is able to travel at maximum speed 6KPH(3.8MPH) and mount a 70mm /2.8 inch ground clearance.

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Zen - S11

S11 Zen is a stylish lightweight compact power scoter, with easy to use controls. S11 Zen can be dismantled in seconds, for easy hand-carry and storage, or so that can be put into the car for transportation.

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Compact Scooters

Nomad 3 - PT3

A medium-sized 3-wheeled scooter that provides great stability and comfort.

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Nomad 4 - PF3

A medium-sized 4-wheeled scooter provides great stability and comfort.

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Mid-Size Scooters

Miarage - PF6

A medium-sized scooter that is delicately designed offers unlimited angle adjustments on account of the unique tiller ram mechanism.

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Mirage K - PF6K

A medium-sized scooter modified from PF6 is equipped with a Captain seat and 12” wheels which assure a faster ride.

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Bolero - PF2

A medium-sized scooter that has a great shape and is easy to drive.

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POV (Power Operated Vehicle) Scooters

Cutie - S17

Equipped programmable Rhino II 120 Amp controller for maximum function and precise driver control

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Aviator - S8

S8 is Heartway’s latest 13kmh (8mph) power scooter. 

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Aviator - S8X

Upgraded from S8, already one of the best scooter the market has to offer, S8X provides more fun and possibilities for the adventurous and active riders to explore the wildness with two enlarged sporty rear wheels.

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Vita - S12

This brand new 15km/h (18 km/h optional) Heartway scooter features a fully informative liquid crystal display instrument console to indicate speed, temperature, battery status, trip distance and the ODO.

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Vita S - S12S - Sport Edition

S34 Top speed of 18 kilometers per hour and maximum user weight up to 160 kg

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