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Please send questions via the form below, and include your name, city, country and email address. Limit your question to one issue, concern or idea.

We cannot, of course, guarantee to answer all questions sent to us, and no personal correspondence can be entered into. Paul will simply tune into the individual's aura and energy system to see what advice he may give.

Answers are published on this page on a regular, rotating basis.

Mary of Bradford, UK

Dear Paul, I enjoyed your book Auras and Colours, thank you. I have just given up work as a doctor due to chronic feelings of not being good enough etc and am enjoying my time off (except my mum has become ill at the same time- so I guess not really a coincidence). Thinking about what I should do next and how soon. Teaching seems to be attractive. Do you think this would suit me?

Paul Responds:

Hi Mary, Glad you enjoyed the book. A new book is due out in the autumn. There are two notable frequencies currently visible in your aura. One suggests the quality that drew you into medicine - a beautiful blue ray. It defines much of your life pattern; that you are on the earth to serve and care for others. The second, a bright yellow / green reveals the healer, and also that over the next few years or so, you have to uncover new ways of expressing that healing quality. If you were to teach, then the pastoral nature of the role would be very important to you. My view of you is someone with fine therapeutic energies, which need a new channel. The most favourable period for initiating change is from June (gemini) through to September (virgo). Meditate upon the change and see where your heart seems to lead you, bearing in mind my observations. I think you have wonderful healing potentials.

Charly of Sevelen, Switzerland

Hallo Paul, this is your Swiss-volunteer speaking :-). Since I completed your healingcourse (1. step), I do hear a strange sound in my ears. It is like a hissing, as on TV, when all the programs are over and there is only "snow" on the screen. I perceive the "sound" more in my left ear than in the right one. In the morning, after waking up, before the meditation it is stronger than during the daily work. During the meditation, the sound, sometimes changes the frequency. But this sound does not disturb at all. This phenomenon is also discussed in a News Group by Reiki People and they do mean, that this is the sound of the main Nadis, the energy channels parallel to the spine of the physical body. Or is it a sort of tinnitus (ear noises)?
Love and light, Charly

Paul Responds:

Hi Charly, An occasional noise, as you report, can occurr whilst energy adjustments are underway. However, if that is the cause, the situation will be temporary. Good clearing breathing through the centres, especially those in the head, will eliminate that phenomenon completely. If that doesn't work, then there may be a physical cause also. However, your throat centre is especially active just now and may need some special support and breath work. Use my blue and white Chromatic Essences also.
love and best wishes Paul

Stephanie of Milwaukee

I am tense and anxious, a homemaker with two small children at home. I am married, but am not feeling like the marriage strengthens and nourishes me. I know I need change. I am ready to show love after years of not being able to experience the feelings within me. Please offer me some insight and hope. I am not too thrilled about the idea of separating my family because of my personal needs. I am a Sagitarius.

Paul Responds:

Hi Stephanie, Your aura and chakra system reveal two things. Firstly, a highly sensitive violet ray, which governs much of your life, along with a powerful emerald green light which needs growth, variety and challenge - along with the exchange of the deep love you suggest. This combination also reveals a highly intuitive faculty, in need of some development and encouragement. One of the key things here is some Heart Chakra based meditation, especially through Gemini, for there are deep soul promptings which could come to the surface during that period. It will help you to clarify your needs and the hidden purposes of your relationships should become easier to understand through the summer, especially by August (late Leo). Do some dancing, just for fun. Loosen your body up as that will help your Heart to circulate and free the love in you (and help it to be exchanged also). The autumn, after 7th November, brings fresh opportunities, and seems to open doors, new friendships etc. That is the time to consider outer changes. For the present, open your magnificent inner world some more. You will be amazed at what you have. I am.
Best Wishes, Paul

PS - You will find my new book 'How to Heal and be Healed' published in October, of some use to you.

Lillian of Phoenix

Paul, I been separated from my "X" over 4 years and divorced over 1 yr now and I have been dating a great guy for almost 2 years. What is our destiny together? and he has a sister-in-law that has so much anomisity towards me I still yet have to figure out why she hates me so much, how can I go about approaching her? I know his parents don't want me to say anything but how can someone live with so much anger. Help...

Paul Responds:

Hi Lillian First of all, focus on the great guy. Don't allow his sister in law to disrupt your solar plexus, thus depleting your Heart Centre and in consequence the love you can give to him. You have some karma to work through, so do it soul-to-soul. After your meditations, link heart-to-heart centre, soul-to-soul with his sister in law and affirm the spirit in her and the compatability that at a higher level exists between you. If you persist with this approach, I'd be surprised if things didn't change. Her aura suggests she has many unsolved issues of her own so have compassion for her, however angry she has been.
Best wishes, Paul

Elizabeth of Arizona

Paul-thank you for offering this service, I am an intuitive person, but have a need to get confirmation. I have boyfriend who has alot of special needs (loss off hearing, a.d.d) but who is very sweet to me. It takes alot of energy to accommodate his needs, as I have fibromyalgia and limited energy. I limit what I do already, but with his teen son now his responsibility and him visiting often, not sure what future is for us as couple ( he has a.d.d. also) -some days it's overwhelming, other days wonderful. What does the future of the relationship seem to you? thank you

Paul Responds:

Hi Elizabeth, Whenever I am asked about a relationship and its future, I do a simple test. I look to see if the karmic cycle between the two souls is almost exhausted or still reveals much that could be explored. In your case, there is still some important growth possible, so it is certainly worth looking at it that way and giving more time to it. As always, work from your heart - next year for you could initiate many changes and much healing. You also need to meditate upon your solar plexus and the throat centres to gain more insights. Has your partner had a thyroxin test? There appears to be a problem there for him.
Hope this helps Paul

From Gerry in Ireland

Dear Paul, I am a single parent with one child(erin) I am a positive person normally but I have a lot of trouble with my ex wife who is an alcholic also I have back trouble which is causing me a lot of pain. My daughter is wonderful but major cabin fever is setting in due to the fact that I do not get about as much as I used to. I do not mind getting over hurdles however I would not mind if they were spaced a bit further apart.

Yours with loving energy, Gerry.

Paul Responds:

Hi Gerry, I'll put you on my healing list to give a boost to your energy. Your life rhythm is difficult at present and demands of you much patience. However, you have a quite interesting force around your brow chakra and eyes centre, so work at your visualisations to release yourself from the limitations you now feel and experience. Around Sagitarius this year your pattern steadily begins to change and you can benefit from this by being positive, keeping constructive images in your mind and remaining centred in your own beautiful light. Your heart centre suggests that you still have some unfinished business with your ex-wife so make sure you have both released her into life as completely as you can. See her in the light of her own aura, and you in yours, quite separate from each other. Also, focus on the abdominal centre, breathing clear light through it as you detach from all past limiting thoughts, experiences and relationships. Hope this helps.
Love and light, Paul

From Brigitte in Germany

Hi Paul, we last met a couple of years ago. I met a person, he is British, 56 years old, Golf Pro, single. Please tell me, whether he is intended to be my partner, husband, whatever or if he is not supposed to be my partner why I met him and why he is so important for me. Thank you so much for your answer, Paul, it is most important to me. Hope to see you again.

Paul Responds:

Hello Brigitte, I can see that as the Rose Ray is so high in your aura, it indicates certainly a very strong connection from you to him. However, the question of partnership seems open to me as the energy between you both is a new dynamic - in other words, you are spiritually fairly new to each other and the karmic pattern is fresh and not limited very much by old connections in previous life-times. As you also have a deep emerald governing this time - it is certainly a period for growth, change and taking a chance or two. If he is showing interest, then it is certainly worth pursuing. The middle of the autumn, October (especially from Libra into Scorpio) brings powerful links for you with the moon, encouraging intuition and lifting femaleness to the fore, so any 'charm offensive' to prospective partnerships will be especially rewarded in that period. There is also an expansive feel to it which should open new doors and open existing ones even wider. But be patient - there is equally a sense that pushing too hard could stall promising beginnings.
Love and light, Paul

From I-Chuan in England

My heart aches these days. I know it's not related to physical problem. What can I do about it?

Paul Responds:

Where the heart aches, it has one simple meaning for us - we are simply not 'in tune' with ourselves and our lives. The Heart Chackra has many strands of force to its pattern, sub-dividing into 12 major ones. My vision of you suggests a few things you can do.

1. Develop your relationship with the earth. Meditate upon how it nourishes you and gives you physical, vital and higher emotional life. Develop your sense of connectedness with nature - walks, gardening and simply viewing the magic of it all through opened eyes.

2. Look at the people in your life - those who have loved you, those who have hurt you. Try to understand they are all important experiences for you, that you need to be loved and also to be tested. Regularly, in your mind, thank them for being in your life and release them.

3. This should really be no 1!! Look at yourself. Recognise the magnificent instrument the Universe has made in you. Remember that Heaven and Earth meet in you and especially in your heart. Vitalise that often. That will certainly ease the aching!

From Michele in Washington, USA

Since Egypt, I have been drawn to the Hathor energy. I have started sculpting again. I know there is a connection for healing involved in the art process as well as in the actual clay creation. How does this incorporate into my life path this time around? Thank you.

Paul Responds:

Hi Michele, The process you are involved in is purely alchemical - 'as above, so below, as below, so above' and 'as within, so without'. You had an interesting incarnation, probably shortly after the 'first time' in what was known as Alexandria, where you actually taught processes of creative working which were transformational and healing. I think your current awakening links you especially to that time and the magic it can reveal both in you and through you. Alchemy (from Al Khemi, meaning 'from Egypt') is the channelling of the inner light into creative activity in the 3D world. That is what you are being inspired to do. Find how you channel your creativity most effectively, so you can help others do the same. This is a perfect time for such innovation for you.
Love and light, Paul
PS The mud / clay from the Nile delta was very malleable and workable!

From Monika in Paris, France

I have been reading your book "being loving is being healthy" for over 5 years now (every now and then and never from front to finish). It helps me a lot when I feel depressed. It is like balm on my soul - sometimes your words are almost physically soothing. Thank you very much for it! For the past 3 years I have been doing a job that I dislike - although I have learnt a lot by doing it. I want to stop -but I am afraid of what might happen if I do (financial, opinion of my family, fear that I might regret it). Can you advise me? I send you all my loving feelings and thank you very much in advance for your time.


Paul Responds:

Hi Monika, Thanks for your email to Forum. Glad you found my book 'Being Loving....' useful and my next book 'Auras and Colours' is available in English next March. When we feel deeply and consistently that we need change, it means we are ready for that change. The important thing to remember is that the Universe, with its loving guidance, will give us the energy, resources and opportunities to effect that change. What we have to do is develop our sense of unity or 'oneness' with it, ask for and affirm the support it will give to us, and watch for the signals. During 2001 you enter a very new phase, probably around late March to early April. Use this idea and begin to plan in your mind how you can make the necessary steps. You may benefit from using my Flower Chromatic Essences.

Paul Lambillion


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